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Nampa Optimist Club

Nampa Optimist Club

     A great bunch of people dedicated to helping the youth in our community. We have done a lot in our short history. The Nampa club has only been around since 1996.

     The Nampa Optimist Football program dovetailed with the Boise Optimist Youth Football program. Our first year out (2000), we had 247 kids playing football. The 25 acre Nampa Optimist Park has 7 football fields that we developed with the City of Nampa. It takes about 3 miles of sprinkler pipe just to water the grass!

     Along with football, some of our regular annual projects include Santa Claus Letters, Playgrounds with jungle gyms and skateboard parks. Sometimes we just help individual kids achieve their dreams.

Nampa Optimist Club

  • Optimist International - 50 Member Pin
  • Club Secretary 2009-24
  • Club Secretary 2017-18 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2016-17 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2015-16 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2014-15 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2010-11 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2009-10 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2008-09 Honor Club
  • Club Secretary 2007-08 Honor Club
  • Wrote Community Project Awards (CPA) Book (2005) - District Award for Nampa Optimist Football Cheerleaders (Sports and Rec)
  • Wrote Community Project Awards (CPA) Book (2004) - District and International Awards for Football Touchdown Cards (Fundraising)
  • Membership Chair for 2003-24
  • Achievement Award for 2003
  • Wrote Community Project Awards (CPA) Book (2003) - District and International Awards for Nampa Optimist Park (Community Improvement)
  • Board Member for 2001-2007
  • Wrote Community Project Awards (CPA) Book (2002) - District Award for PP&K Contest and Steak Feed (Fund Raising)
  • Key Man Award for 2002
  • Bylaws Chair for 2000-24
  • Fields Coordinator for Nampa Optimist Football in 2000-2003.
  • Apr 2000 - OptiBob Award for Nampa Optimist Website as one of the top 5 Optimist websites in the world.
  • Served as club President for 1999-2000, club accomplishments:
    1. Honor Club
    2. First year of Football Program
    3. Community Project Awards (CPA) Book - District Award for Football (Sports and Rec)
  • October 1999 received Optimist of the Year Award (1998-1999)
  • Wrote Community Project Awards (CPA) Book (1999) - Teddy Bear (Health and Welfare)
  • October 1998 received Spark Plug Award (1997-1998)
  • Served as WebMaster from 1998-2022.
  • Entertainment Book Chairman for 1998 thru 2001.
  • Served as Publicity Director from Sep 1996 to Feb 1998
  • Served as a Charter Vice President from Sep 1996 to Oct 1999.
  • September, 1996 helped start the Nampa Optimist Club.

Pacific NW Optimist District

Pacific Northwest District Optimist

     Our district covers Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska with about 50 clubs.

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