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     Every good Grandpa carries pictures of his Kids, Grandkids and Great Grandkids. This ensures them something to brag about (especially if they're anything like these kids). Over the years, pictures wear out and lose their luster. The wallet really tears them up.

     Being a WebMaster, I have found the perfect solution. Put those pictures on a webpage. Not only do they stay in perfect condition, but you can show friends clear around the world easily.

Michael and Sharon Gray

Michael and Sharon 
 Background is Nampa Stampede Stage Coach

Janis' Bunch

Janis' Bunch 
 Janis, Dean
Crystal's Bunch 
 Alex, Crystal, Ashley, Tim, Zach Rychelle and Sean

Cheryl's Bunch

Dillon, Cassandra Cheyenne

Nora's Bunch

Nora's Bunch 
 Marrissa, Raechel, Gerald, Danielle, Cole, Nora
Geralds Bunch 
 Gerald, Stella, Shelby

Joseph's Bunch

Joseph's Bunch 
 Annette, Sebastian, Kal-el, Joseph, Synca

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