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Comments were actually signs of hate

     I want to address this letter to "those" people at Brandt's Landing who don't want their children to associate with those "lower income," "poverty-stricken" children of Nampa's North Side. A sentiment which seemed to be a thinly disguised show of hate.
     Not all of the residents are struggling to make ends meet. However, many are; and many of us have been in tight circumstances. Does that make us less intelligent, less caring, less concerned about the welfare of children, or less willing to lend a hand to a neighbor? Generally, it works the other way.
     Ms. Huffield and her fellow residents of Brandt's Landing chose their lifestyle. I'm sure they worked hard. Do they then believe that the majority of those "poverty-stricken" chose to be so? Being financially strapped is nothing when compared with being "poverty-stricken" spiritually, emotionally, and morally.
     Makes a person feel so good when they can imagine they are better than a significant portion of the population. The justification doesn't have to be income level. There are many other excuses to use, such as, religion, race, sex, being handicapped, or just plain, "You are different than me." There are three classes of people, high-class, low-class, and no-class. Guess where you fit in.
     My grandchildren, who attend Snake River Elementary, really enjoy going to school. They have a variety of friends and they like their teachers and, most importantly, learn from them. They have yet to describe their friends by color, race, or income level. They just know whom they like and whom they don't. Their judgment is based on the other person's behavior. Heavens, what a novel idea!
     As the line from and old 1960s song says, "Children have to be taught, carefully taught to hate." It sounds like "you" people are well on your way. So, please, if you have infected your children with your warped values, keep them out of Snake River Elementary.

>> Sharon Gray, Nampa

Reprinted by permission of Idaho Press Tribune Note: article retyped in HTML for better readability.
May 29, 1999

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